Getting the Most Out of Your Coffee

two cups of coffee

How do you take your coffee?

If you answered “seriously,” well that’s just brilliant! But seriously, are you enjoying every sip? You might not be getting the most out of your coffee, so here are my tips on how you can savor every moment with it.

two cups of coffeeAvoid too much sugar

Adding a lot of sugar to your cup of coffee isn’t healthy. Besides, you’re insulting the taste of real coffee if you add too much sweetness to it. If you can’t drink plain, brewed coffee, then I suggest you add only a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. Try to keep it natural and simple, my friend.

Make your creamer

If it’s impossible for you to drink coffee without a creamer, then perhaps a DIY creamer could make your coffee experience more thrilling. The procedure is simple! Just combine cocoa (unsweetened), vanilla extract, cinnamon, and soy milk or almond milk. Next, transfer the blend to an airtight container. Add them to your hot cup of coffee next time!

Build a coffee table

If you already have one, then perhaps you could remake it. Don’t worry; giving your coffee table a new look won’t be difficult when you use a miter saw. Here are the comparisons of miter saws on the market. After choosing the best one for you, you can start building your coffee table. Aside from providing a new atmosphere to your house, a newly designed coffee table will help you relax and stimulate you to drink more coffee.

There are lots and lots of miter saw projects on the internet you can check out too.

Take it differently

Have you been drinking hot, brewed coffee all this time? Then perhaps you need something new. Try adding ice to your cup of coffee next time. It could reduce the amount of sugar and creamer you’ll need, which is better for your health. You can also make coffee popsicles and add coffee to milkshakes. If you want to go further, you can add fruits and nuts, too! Be as creative as you can be. You can even sprinkle ground coffee to your chocolate cake instead of brewing it!

coffee milkshake with oreo