2 Must-Read Books About Growing Plants with LED Lights

Aside from the online reviews of grow lights, it’s also beneficial for you to read books about how to grow plants with LED lights. Here are the top 2 books today:

The LED Grow Book: Better. Easier. Less Watts.

the led grow book

Written by Christopher H. Sloper, this book presents the insights he gained from several years of researching and growing plants indoors using LED grow lights. In here, you’ll find why these lights are the coolest lighting technology in indoor plantation so far.

It doesn’t just explain how LEDs work or what factors you need to consider when choosing one. He does more than that; he offers a comprehensive guide to efficient indoor gardening practices. His chapters cover grow systems and space, plant feeding and nutrition, pest control, and a lot more. No wonder it’s highly rated on Amazon!

It’s definitely for anyone who takes indoor gardening seriously. In fact, even if you don’t want to use LED grow lights, you’ll still find this book informative and useful.

It’s packed with indoor gardening tips that’ll make every step successful.

It’s designed to help the reader avoid errors, prepare the ideal grow room, achieve higher yields using less energy, and grow healthy crops that can withstand pests and produce abundant harvests.

Honestly, it’s THE LED book you’ve been looking for.

A Complete LED Grow Book: How To Grow Plants Indoor With LED Lights

a complete led grow book

Authored by Mel Watson, this book contains everything you need to know about the indoor plantation, which has become a trend over the years. This publication will make you appreciate indoor gardening, and you’ll also experience gratification thanks to the tips presented in it.

The book is designed to help growers know about the basics, the preparation, and the importance of indoor gardening. It also covers the principles of the indoor plantation as well as the required environmental conditions. You’ll appreciate the detailed information about LEDs and their colors in this book as well since each color offers different benefits for every stage of plant growth.

Grab a copy today and be part of the indoor growers who love this book!